Tips and Tricks

The Wispr has a small orange LED light to signal that it is heating up.

Before Use

  • Fill the butane until you see the butane window 3/4 full. Never fill it to the top because the Wispr will start to vent it and you will have to wait a little extra time to get going.
  • Pack your herb chamber before starting to heat the Wispr up. With most vapes you want it to reach temperature before packing it, but the Wispr is one of the only exceptions.

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Review of the Wispr Vaporizer

The Wispr portable vaporizer is the newest vaporizer by Oglesby & Butler, the creators of the Iolite and later the Iolite 2.0. The Iolite was and still is one the most popular portable vaporizers available. Mostly due to its small size and how it works even in some of the most extreme conditions. With the Wispr they set out to improve on the Iolite across the board, but have they? Let’s take a look and find out.

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