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Make sure you are careful not to put too much butane in, or else it will leak out of the top.

Step 1: Fill the Wispr with butane

Tuck the Wispr’s mouthpiece down into the holding space, or take it off completely, and flip the Wispr vape upside down exposing the valve to insert butane into. Now take your can of butane and flip that upside down as well. Push the needle point of the butane can into the valve and press down gently. You should start to see the butane window fill up and you want to stop when you get right around the 3/4 mark.

You can pack either the herb chamber on the Wispr, or the chamber attached to the mouthpiece where the screen is.

Step 2: Pack the Wispr

First remove the Wispr’s mouthpiece and herb chamber cap, this will reveal the opening where your material goes. You will see a tall spike in the center of the chamber, this is there to help evenly heat the material. Now just drop your material of choice into the chamber and place the mouthpiece and cap back onto the Wispr.

Make sure the orange sticker behind the trigger is showing, or else you do NOT have the Wispr turned on.

Step 3: Heat up the Wispr

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Now that your material is packed you can turn the Wispr on and begin to heat it up. Click the trigger down once to begin the butane flow in the Wispr. Click the trigger one more time and it will begin heating the Wispr up. It only takes about 2 minutes to heat up and you will know it is ready when the small LED light located on the side of the Wispr turns on.

Many complain about losing the mouthpiece, but in my experience it works just the same with or without it.

Step 4: Begin use of the Wispr

Now you are all set to start pulling from the Wispr’s mouthpiece. The speed at which you draw is going to directly affect the Wispr’s vapor quality. The harder you pull, the larger vapor pulls you will get and of course the softer you pull the thinner it will be. Be sure to mix your material when the vapor starts getting too thin, this usually gets you another 2-3 pulls. When you’re all done, simply flick the trigger back to the up position, so no orange is showing, and the Wispr will shut off immediately.

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