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Any Wispr deal worth your while is going to include some nice 5x refined butane.

Tips for those looking to buy the Wispr online

Customer Service: Before you buy the Wispr test out the site’s customer service a bit. Many sites claim to have “the best customer service EVER dude!” but few actually make good on this. I personally call any place before I order. If I call and get an answer from a guy who sounds like he is on his couch watching a movie I can tell you right now I’m moving on. You should get a representative who is knowledgeable and informative. Someone who is excited to tell you about the Wispr and all its pros and cons. I stress cons because we all know the Wispr isn’t perfect and you don’t want to be lied to just so they can make a buck.

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Butane Deals: The Wispr arrives with absolutely no butane in it, most likely for shipping purposes. Any site that knows what they are doing is going to supply the buyer with everything they need out of the box to start enjoying their shiny new Wispr. Free butane is a must when you buy the Wispr, but not just any butane. You know that butane you see at the corner store behind the counter? That’s what you don’t want. Always look for at least 5 times refined butane. This won’t give you any butane flavor when using your Wispr and even lasts longer than standard butane.

So where should I buy this thing?

Good question. That is why you are reading this, isn’t it? I went with a company I’ve learned that I can trust from past experience, which is EZVapes.com. I originally called them when I had some questions about the Wispr’s release date and they always kept me well informed on exactly when ti was coming out and what I could expect price wise.

The day EZVapes got the Wispr in they called me, which really impressed me. They had a great deal, and still do, on the Wispr right from the start. First you get free priority shipping that reaches you in 2-3 business days which also includes Saturdays at no extra cost. Second they give you a free large can of 5x refined butane so you will be all set when the Wispr arrives. Lastly, they throw in a 4-piece aluminum grinder made by EZ Grind. Not some no name aluminum grinder that is made of some mystery metal.

I also got to use the coupon code “2502” when ordering to get 10% off the whole order, making this amazing deal even better. Really, you aren’t going to find a better deal and trying to can be deemed “Mission Impossible”.

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