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Review of: Wispr
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On May 17, 2012
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The Wispr is Oglesby & Butler's second attempt at mastering the butane powered vaporizer. While the Wispr is a steady performer its somewhat bulky size, odd shape, and moderate required maintenance. For use in situations where power is not available to charge a lithium ion vaporizer the Wispr can provide continuous vaporization until your butane supple is expended.

The Wispr portable vaporizer is the newest vaporizer by Oglesby & Butler, the creators of the Iolite and later the Iolite 2.0. The Iolite was and still is one the most popular portable vaporizers available. Mostly due to its small size and how it works even in some of the most extreme conditions. With the Wispr they set out to improve on the Iolite across the board, but have they? Let’s take a look and find out.

The design of the Wispr is probably the first thing that is going to stick out and be noticed. Gone are the smooth curved edges of the Iolite, replaced by a more squared design. My first thought was it looks like it wouldn’t be too comfortable in your pocket, but at the same time the squared bottom would give you the ability to stand the Wispr straight up instead of having to lay it down.

The Optimizer fits right in the Wispr’s herb chamber and helps vaporize your material more evenly.

The designer looking pattern on the Wispr isn’t all for show. Those are actually small vents that work to actively disperse any extra heat and stop the Wispr from heating up to the point where it would be uncomfortable to hold. The mouthpiece has seen a redesign as well. Instead of a threaded stiff mouthpiece there is now a silicon mouthpiece that can tuck down into the Wispr, making it easier to carry with you.

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Another new welcome addition to the Wispr is the butane window. Now you can see directly into where the butane is held on the Wispr to see how much butane you have left at any given time. This solves a major problem the Iolite had. Can’t say how many interrupted sessions I’ve had because I wasn’t aware the butane was almost gone.

Packing the Wispr is really easy. The mouthpiece pulls off with the herb chamber cap, which you can then dump your material right into the chamber. Once your material is loaded simply put the mouthpiece back on and click down the trigger on the side of the Wispr. You can hear the Wispr begin to heat up instantly. After about 2 minutes you are all set to take your first pull. You will actually see a small LED light on the side light up, letting you know the Wispr is heated up.

When you see the small orange sticker exposed, you know the Wispr is switched on.

Pulling from the Wispr is pretty comfortable, it seems to mix the perfect amount of outside air and vapor to deliver some cool vapor. Experimenting with draw speeds a little you can tell you can get the vapor thicker or thinner depending on how fast or slow respectively.

After about 15 minutes of use I could tell the vapor was getting really thin. I opened up the herb chamber and gave the material a quick stir. Doing so gave me a couple more thicker pulls before it was finally done.

Regarding the butane, I was able to get just about 3 full sessions in with the Wispr before it was time to refill. This is an improvement over the Iolite, which usually you would be lucky to get 2 sessions. This improvement is especially important because you really don’t want to have to worry about carrying butane with you if you are planning on using the Wispr when you are out.

The Wispr really is perfect for anyone who is going to be doing stuff like skateboarding, biking, hiking, snowboarding, anything outside where weather conditions might otherwise spoil any chance of using a vape. The Wispr will heat up under pretty much any condition, including high altitudes. Give me a couple years to get in shape and I’ll climb Everest and have a quick vape session with my Wispr.

I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Wispr. I take frequent trips into the city and the Wispr just seems like one of those vapes that is perfect for the car ride. I don’t suggest using a vape while driving in most cases, but I really love having mine on me for some nice rides with the windows down. So if you can’t quite afford a Plenty herbal vaporizer just yet or would rather buy something a bit more portable, then consider the Wispr, which is at the end of the day a high quality portable vape that has relatively low maintenance if you don’t mind using butane to vaporize.

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