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Many are confused on where exactly the Wispr has improved on the Iolite. So instead of listing improvements I believe it is easiest to just compare the two. Below are some direct comparisons between the two in the categories that really matter. Let’s get started.

Vapor Quality

The Iolite’s vapor quality is anything but consistent. I’ve used it a million times and each time it was kind of a gamble on what I was going to get. Sometimes I would get really thick and dense vapor and other times I would end up with airy pulls that I was left wondering if there was any vapor at all. This might have been OK if I could identify it was something I was doing wrong, but that didn’t appear to be the case.

The Wispr delivers a nice vapor quality consistently. You can get some airy pulls from it sometimes but it is very rare. Every time I’ve fired up my Wispr I’ve been happy with it. I’ve also found that taking long and slow draws really increases the vapor quality. You’ll get huge vapor pulls that are also very smooth. In the end the Wispr is a huge improvement in vapor quality over the Iolite.

Advantage: Wispr


The Iolite is made of a pretty durable plastic design with a curved edge design that makes the Iolite slide into your pocket pretty comfortably. The downside to the curved design though is you can’t stand the Iolite straight up when not pulling from it, which can unevenly vaporize your material. The mouthpiece is also plastic and threaded, so it screws onto the Iolite’s herb chamber cap. Any time you have herb interacting with threading like that it can end up pretty messy. A lot of the time material ends up getting stuck int he threading making it either incredibly difficult or down right impossible to screw in.

The Wispr is made of the same plastic material as the Iolite, but instead of the curved design you have a squared design so you can actually stand it straight up. The mouthpiece is not plastic though, it is silicon and instead of detaching from the herb chamber cap it actually tucks down into the Wispr. The squared design isn’t quite as portable as the curved design but being able to stand it up when not pulling is a clear advantage.

Advantage: Wispr


The Iolite’s curved design I mentioned above really makes it pocket size. You can comfortably slide it in your pocket and even forget it’s there. The mouthpiece is annoying to screw on and off each time though. You can put it in your pocket with the mouthpiece still attached but it makes it pretty uncomfortable.

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The Wispr’s squared design is not nearly as comfortable in your pocket as the Iolite’s curved design, but it does have the advantage with the mouthpiece. Instead of unscrewing the mouthpiece each time simply tuck it down into the Wispr and throw it into your pocket. So you sacrifice some comfort for speed and easier use. There is no clear winner here.

Advantage: Push

Both herb chambers hold about the same amount, but the Wispr has a flexible mouthpiece.

Heat Up Time

The Iolite in my experience takes at least 3 to 4 minutes to reach temperature and really start delivering good vapor pulls. On the Iolite there is no indicator to let you know exactly when the Iolite is heated up, so you kind of have to just keep randomly pulling until you start to get thick vapor.

The Wispr on the other hand takes only about 2 minutes for the LED light to come on letting you know it has reached its temperature. After that it only takes about 45 seconds before you get some really nice and thick vapor. So not only does the Wispr heat up faster, but it also has the light to indicate exactly when it is heated up.

Advantage: Wispr

Butane Efficiency

The Iolite used to get me about 2 full vaporizing sessions before the butane would run out. A typical session for me is about an hour, so you can think about 2 hours of continuous use on one full butane charge. Unfortunately with the Iolite there is no indicator to let you know what your butane level is at. You pretty much have to use it until it is gone and then just refill.

The Wispr does have a small butane window to always show you how much butane you have left, which to me is one of the greatest new features of the Wispr compared to the Iolite. Also on a full butane charge I usually get 3 sessions, as opposed to 2, with the Wispr. So in the end the Wispr outperforms the Iolite across the board here.

Advantage: Wispr

Bottom Line

As you can see the Wispr has been a steady improvement over the Iolite in most areas. The squared design, even though it allows the Wispr to stand up, is less portable but other than that you have a vape that pretty much leaves the Iolite in the dust.

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